Change Log

Note: Updates are slower than usual because we're working on the new mobile apps.

February 15

  • Fix Text in revision history includes dates

February 14

  • Fix Copying some text in an item with a date was copying the whole item

February 7

  • Fix Calendar times scrolling was broken by a recent update

February 5

  • Fix Sync accounts settings was not loading correctly in some cases
  • Fix “Add to” field when adding an item to a calendar was not using the pane’s document
  • Fix Importers are working again

February 4

  • Fix Paste was inserting items in the wrong order sometimes
  • Fix Undo of a multiline paste was leaving an extra item around
  • Fix If a backup used an old password, it was failing. Now it requests the password.

February 2

  • Fix Email draft contents could be lost if composition started while online, then internet connectivity was lost, and then was restarted while offline
  • Fix Backspace was not working on Mac in the Email pane
  • Change Sending an email changes the send button to a spinner instead of the whole compose window
  • Feature Maximize button on email compose window to make it fullscreen

February 1

  • Feature Date popup has a dropdown to choose Google Calendar to add item to
  • Feature Item details popup in Calendar pane can remove from Google Calendar
  • Fix Dates synced to Google Calendar could sometimes not display on first load
  • Fix Undoing item deletion was sometimes putting the item back in the wrong order

January 30

  • Fix Search in email pane wasn’t working in some cases
  • Fix Panes were scrolling horizontally when they shouldn’t
  • Fix Settings changed offline were getting overwritten by remote value in some cases

Version 1.3.0 of desktop apps: Download

  • Feature Save documents as files on your computer. See the blog post for more details.
  • Feature A setting for whether to back up locally in the new Desktop App section of Settings
  • Fix Window border looks better in Mac Dark mode

January 29

  • Fix Some repeat dates were not parsing correctly

January 28

  • Fix Images in Drive were not loading in some cases in the desktop apps

January 26

  • Fix Dropping files or images was incorrectly showing a message about missing Premium features in some cases

January 24

  • Fix Downloading attachments was not working in the desktop app
  • Fix Opening URLs was not working in desktop app
  • Fix In some cases, some email accounts or calendar accounts were not showing in their panes
  • Fix Repeat dates were not saving the day of the month correctly in some cases
  • Fix Support date formats like “every Feb 25”
  • Fix Accounts that had failed to add could sometimes be continuing to ask for reauthorization
  • Feature Show a red border on dates that are synced to Google Calendar
  • Feature Clicking on an email account in the top of a pane will switch to the Inbox or if it’s already open it will show all the accounts for easy switching
  • Change “Email Accounts” settings page renamed to “Sync Accounts” and now has checkboxes for each plugin

January 21

  • Speed Pastes of large numbers of items is much faster
  • Fix Closing the page/app quickly after pasting a large number of items could have left some items not saved
  • Fix Highlighting multiple items and then pasting multiple items was leaving a single empty item on remote devices

January 20

  • Fix Some items that had been pasted or imported were not loading properly

January 19

  • Fix Download page works correctly on Linux
  • Fix Dates repeating daily with “repeat on completed” option were setting next instance to today


  • Fix Dragging wasn’t working on iOS
  • Fix Settings and feedback pages weren’t scrollable

January 17

  • Feature Dates that recur from their completion date

January 16

  • Feature Icon on documents to show whether they’re pending upload or synced
  • Fix Undo was not syncing changes correctly in some cases
  • Fix Undo was not working at all for some actions like deleting items

January 15

  • Fix Notes handled by a remote device were not loading correctly
  • Fix Better handling of document properties changing remotely
  • Fix Changing collaborator access role was not working
  • Fix Clicking on time in the date popup didn’t always update the calendar pane immediately

January 14

  • Fix Messages were sometimes popping up on startup about items being hidden
  • Fix Errors when adding a new item and typing in it before naming it

January 12

  • Fix Composing emails was sometimes getting stuck on “Sending…”

January 11

  • Change Rewrote plugin caching to use the same caching and preloading system as the new documents and items. This brings some nice improvments:
  • Fix Emails and calendar events are visible on load instead of popping in after a second
  • Fix This should fix some problems with email syncing, especially with multiple accounts

January 10

  • Fix Notifications were not working properly with very short delay times

January 9

  • Fix Notifications work again with new dates system
  • Fix Clicking some Mailbird emails was not opening them. If this is happening to you, email [email protected] and we’ll help you fix it.

January 8

  • Fix Email panes were sometimes not showing all accounts on first load
  • Fix Google calendar items were sometimes not showing their calendar color
  • Fix Emails added in Mailbird on the old backend were stuck on Loading… If this is still happening to you, email [email protected] and we’ll help you fix it.

January 7

  • Fix Missing compose button in email pane on mobile
  • Feature Auto updater checks for updates every hour and shows a small update message with a link to the changelog
  • Change Added a check for updates button to the sync status popup and moved the version number there

January 6

  • Fix Some plugins were losing their cached data and showing as “Loading…”
  • Fix Resizing images wasn’t working quite right
  • Feature Show images as uploading until they’re done, and “Failed upload” for the ones that failed


  • Fix Missing compose button in email pane

January 2

  • Feature Document sorting by either last modified or alphabetical
  • Feature Repeat dates now show every single instance on the calendar
  • Speed Optimized agenda/calendar so that even with showing every instance of repeat dates it’s even faster than before
  • Fix Autocompletes (tags, contacts, move, etc…) use the pane document instead of the default document
  • Fix Clicking at the end of a #project with a tag/contact would not select correctly
  • Fix Tags can’t end with _ anymore so they don’t grab onto Markdown
  • Fix Dates were showing the wrong date in the inline text in some timezones
  • Fix Panes were reloading themselves after connecting to the server even if they didn’t change, or if a different board changed remotely
  • Fix Date autocomplete was closing itself if a calendar pane was open
  • Fix Import from old wasn’t working in some cases

December 29

  • Feature Change or remove your user encryption password in the Security section of the settings

December 28

  • Fix Emails added to a document in Mailbird were not syncing correctly


  • Fix Selected pane and collapse state was not saving correctly on mobile

December 27

  • Change Changed the way item ordering is stored because it was causing crashes in some cases, like pastes of a lot of items
  • Change Show document name in pane header by always showing the breadcrumbs
  • Fix Don’t show date in breadcrumbs
  • Fix Paste was including dates of parents sometimes
  • Fix Item details popup was not showing calendar selector in some cases
  • Fix The View Invoices button works again in the new backend
  • Fix Some conflict resolution issues which could sometimes cause sync conflicts or items to not sync between collaborators correctly
  • Fix Conflict resolution works much better for boards and settings
  • Fix Some items added on calendar had duration of 6000 hours
  • Fix Events were duplicated on calendar sometimes
  • Fix Item details popup was not adding to the correct calendar

December 21

  • Change Backups has a document selector and sorts revisions with recent at top
  • Fix Stop complaining about missing authentication for accounts that were never successfully added
  • Fix Multiple contacts in one item was not working
  • Fix Selected pane and collapse state was not saving correctly on mobile
  • Fix The X button in Email Accounts settings was not working for some users

December 20

  • Feature New backup system which uses our own cloud storage and is enabled automatically to back up every 10 minutes (if something changed). will still also backup to Drive if you enable the setting, and it’s also doing backups to your computer if you’re using the desktop app. The Revision History is now using the new system so it won’t show old backups, but those are still in Drive if you need them.

December 18

  • Fix Some sync and conflict resolution issues when an item is modified on multiple devices

December 17

  • Fix Revision history was not decrypting documents correctly

December 16

  • Fix Clicking links was not working in the desktop apps
  • Fix Renaming a board was not immediately updating remote clients

December 14

  • Fix Encrypted shared documents could fail to decrypt in some cases
  • Fix Undo/redo was not syncing correctly sometimes

December 13

  • Fix Decryption of shared document didn’t work if a user without encryption password shared a document without its own password to a user with encryption password. If this happened to you and you see garbled text, sign out and back in and it should decrypt correctly.
  • Fix Backup directory was getting computed incorrectly and backing up to the root

December 12

  • Fix Uploading files with Google drive is working again. It does not yet share with collaborators yet though. That’s coming soon.
  • Fix Go to in all panes works again
  • Fix Adding items from agenda and calendar puts the date inline correctly
  • Fix Add item popup works with new dates system
  • Feature Export window has document selector
  • Feature Alt or Option click a date to remove it

December 11

  • Fix Ensure that all emails added to a document are loaded
  • Fix Repeat dates were still showing incorrect dates in some cases
  • Speed Optimized performance of repeat dates. They temporarily show only the next 5 instances on the calendar.

December 10

  • Fix Durations on dates were not working right in some cases
  • Fix Settings were sometimes not syncing correctly
  • Fix Repeat dates were showing incorrect dates for users west of GMT
  • Fix Agenda was not filtering repeat dates for Today/Week/All correctly

December 9

  • Change Added extra steps to creating encryption password to prevent accidents
  • Fix Date picker works on mobile now
  • Fix Various loading issues
  • Fix Documents list was not updating immediately when documents added or removed remotely

December 8

Release of new backend

September 27

  • Fix Some people were experiencing authorization bugs. Let us know if you continue to see any problems.

September 15

  • Fix Contact sync was broken by a bug in Google’s Contacts API so we rewrote it using their newer People API
  • Fix Selection was not being restored correctly after tabbing multiple items
  • Fix Copy was including children of collapsed items even if only one item was selected
  • Fix Backspacing into bold text was deleting the bold formatting at the end

August 27

  • Fix Improved authenticating plugins and added more automatic fixing of auth errors. This should fix bugs with plugins getting disabled, email/calendar sync problems, and alerts about missing authorization. If you see any of those alerts, clicking the authorize button in the alert should now fix any problems forever. If it doesn’t, please contact support and we will help you fix it.
  • Fix Move from Agenda was sometimes not working
  • Fix works better in multiple tabs
  • Fix If current board is updated remotely, it is updated locally immediately
  • Fix Input going to pane if autocomplete was opened from a context menu
  • Fix Tabbing under a collapsed item would uncollapse it and have invalid selection
  • Speed Performance improvements during editing
  • Speed Delay search slightly if user has a lot of items so it doesn’t freeze while typing in search


  • Fix Scrolling was sometimes not working on iOS
  • Fix More improvements to typing

August 6


  • Fix Editing jumping around while typing
  • Fix Android: Keyboard toolbar would sometimes not close

August 4

  • Feature Multiple calendar accounts: will now sync calendars from all of your accounts. Add more accounts in “Email Accounts” in the settings, and then you’ll see all calendars from all accounts in the “Google Calendar” settings.
  • Feature Create items on any calendar: There’s now an option in the new item popup to choose which calendar to add the item to.
  • Feature Move between calendars: If you click on an event in the calendar pane, there’s an option to change which calendar it’s on.
  • Fix Note header button works when no word is selected

August 1

  • Fix Prevent modifications of read-only calendar events
  • Misc Styled this changelog page better

July 30

  • Feature Default board view: Right click a board and set its default view. Then at any time later you can restore to that view. This is useful for being able to temporarily mess with a board and then get it back to normal.
  • Change Sidebar boards work more like toolbar boards: no more hover menu, right click for options, double click to rename.
  • Fix Email panes created from the board creator did not immediately load emails

July 29

  • Feature Automatic backups: There’s a new “Backups” page in the settings where you can enable backups and set a frequency. Then will automatically backup all data into the “ Backups” folder in your Google Drive (only if there are any new changes to back up).

July 26

  • Fix Completing repeat dates was sometimes not immediately removing from agenda

July 25

  • Fix Dragging onto (no tag) block was replacing the tag with (no tag)
  • Fix Dropping onto an empty tag pane was moving the item to the pane’s zoomed item
  • Fix Tag and contact panes were not recalculating blocks when dragging between panes

July 24

  • Change Upgraded authentication system to Firebase Auth, to fix bugs and for the first step of the backend migration

July 22

  • Fix Help state sometimes did not sync properly across clients


  • Fix Feedback form did not have enough padding at the bottom of the screen

July 21

  • Change Pressing enter on a repeat date in an agenda date block now takes the block’s date instead of copying the repeat date
  • Speed Item updates from syncing calendar/email are now batched together, so they should be faster
  • Fix Shift + clicking collapsed items was scrolling to the top
  • Fix Error when pressing up in a multiline item on the agenda on an item with parents
  • Fix Pressing enter on a completed item in the agenda now just adds an item with the date of the block
  • Fix Pressing enter on a collapsed item in the agenda was not creating a new item
  • Fix Board/pane creation wizard: “Grouped by” was missing tags/contacts/priority views

July 20

  • Change Old versions of desktop apps will prompt you to update, because the old versions were not auto-updating correctly, and the latest versions have important fixes
  • Fix Sort mode of email panes was incorrectly initialized in new panes and could cause sorting by priority instead of date
  • Fix Selection highlight was not updating immediately in some cases
  • Fix Pasting single lines of text could sometimes be blocked in the Agenda
  • Fix Add buttons in Agenda on starred/important/tag blocks did not work correctly
  • Fix Tag blocks were case sensitive, so were missing items with tags that didn’t match the case
  • Fix Enter in tag block in pane was adding date instead of tag

July 19

  • Fix Item notes not syncing with Google Calendar

July 18

  • Change The “Complete” filter option now works like a normal filter (but reversed), because it was confusing that it worked differently than other filters, and new users got scared when items disappeared and couldn’t find the button to show them. When not enabled it shows everything, click hides completed, Cmd/Ctrl + click shows only completed. It’s set to hide completed by default, so new panes will have a red checkmark filter.
  • Change The “Show top level projects” filter to be the opposite: “Show all projects.” So by default project panes will only show top level projects, and the filter option will also show children. New users were confused that their projects were showing up more than once.
  • Change Filter buttons to be colored text instead of colored background, to reduce distraction.
  • Fix Clicking contact email populates the To field in an email. And clicking the phone number opens a phone call.


  • Fix Clicking items was sometimes not working on iOS 8 and 9

July 17

  • Fix Bugs in the authentication flow. If everything has been working fine for you, you should see no change. If you were having problems with plugins getting disabled, or emails not loading, or calendar not syncing correctly, you should now see a message about needing to reauthorize, and clicking the button will fix it. Please let us know if you see anything unusual, or if you’ve had these problems and they are not fixed now.

July 16

  • Fix Search was not handling text updates in other panes if pane was filtered but not searched
  • Fix Selection rendering could be offset incorrectly on items in agenda with multiple lines and context showing
  • Fix Only show message about items being hidden/completed once
  • Fix Selection not setting correctly when clicking after the + button in a project

July 15

Version 1.1.4 of desktop apps: Download

  • Fix Auto updater was not working for some users. If you are on an older version, please download this new version manually.
  • Fix Sync was going offline after a few hours for some users

July 14

  • Feature File drop zone is a button to enable Drive plugin if it is not enabled
  • Change Maximum sync weeks for Google Calendar to 52. Changing the value now updates calendar items immediately.
  • Change Renamed “Uncollapse” to “Expand”


  • Change Changed toggle collapse button to two buttons: one for collapse all and one for expand all
  • Fix Opening contact autocomplete in email To box when forwarding an email was sometimes crashing
  • Fix Context menu backdrop was not at the top on Android

July 13

  • Fix Dragging to overview was not working
  • Fix Custom calendar view was missing hotkey in add pane menu
  • Fix Calendar month view was not sorting times correctly
  • Fix Clicking on the text of a link after pasting it in could sometimes hit an error

July 12

  • Fix Better handling and notifications of connection errors caused by browser extensions.
  • Speed Performance improvements while typing in items. It should always be instant now.

July 10

July 9

Version 1.1.3 of desktop apps: Download

  • Fix Application sometimes did not quit correctly on Windows

July 8

  • Fix Some improvements to editing and arrowing around images
  • Speed Performance improvements for search
  • Speed Performance improvements for tag autocomplete

July 5

  • Feature Image resizing. Grab the handle on the right side of an image to resize it.

July 4

  • Change Image context menus to include all the normal menu options
  • Fix Backspace after an image deletes the image correctly


  • Fix Tapping emails in Email pane was not working in some cases

July 3

  • Change Removed “Search expands collapsed” option now that we have new search expansion
  • Fix Calculation of number of unmatched items


  • Fix Input in date autocomplete was losing focus when pressing buttons
  • Fix Item checkboxes were preventing scroll
  • Fix Tapping on Overview items was sometimes not working

July 2

  • Feature Pasting and dropping images from the web will insert images inline if “Show images inline” setting is enabled
  • Feature Uploads go into the “ files” folder instead of the Drive root
  • Fix Improved editing around images
  • Fix Parsing of repeat dates with 3 letter abbreviations for Jun, Jul, Sep
  • Fix Parsing of 24 hour time was setting date to today

July 1


  • Fix Input in date autocomplete was losing focus when pressing date buttons
  • Fix Item checkboxes were preventing scroll
  • Fix Tapping on Overview items was sometimes not working

June 30

  • Feature Alt/option click a word/tag/date in search to remove it from search
  • Fix Incorrect search highlights sticking around
  • Fix Selection after double click was picking up the next word
  • Fix Copy sometimes selected the wrong text when copying text of a single item
  • Fix Tooltips were showing on tags and dates in search


  • Fix Add item button in blocks wasn’t working correctly

June 29

  • Change Search behaves more like other Outliner apps. Search collapsed state is an override on top of the normal state, and any user changes clear the override and set the normal value.

Version 1.1.2 of desktop apps: Download

  • Fix Importing Todoist and Wunderlist were opening in new windows

June 28


  • Fix Some bugs editing in Agenda

June 27

  • Fix A potential crash when loading an existing file into a fresh instance


  • Fix + button in Agenda

June 25

  • Feature Select by word if selection started as a double click
  • Fix Todoist import with project hierarchy
  • Fix Issues with highlighting by mouse being incorrect when starting with a double click


  • Change Show Completed filter to have Show and Only options
  • Fix Offline support on iOS

June 24

  • Feature The message in empty panes has information about how many items are hidden by search and filters
  • Fix Copy of collapsed items losing indentation
  • Fix HTML elements * characters for bolding were appearing in breadcrumbs
  • Fix Don’t include * characters in tags
  • Fix HTML showing in tags
  • Fix Some editing errors around formatting characters


  • Fix Scrolling while dragging on iOS

Version 1.1.1 of desktop apps: Download

  • Feature Save and restore maximized and fullscreen state
  • Fix Memory leak and runaway process issues on Windows
  • Fix Linux installer sometimes did not work

June 23

  • Feature OPML import supports note attribute named “Notes”
  • Fix Email labelling menu was sometimes appending extra text to the label
  • Fix Checkboxes in Email pane are vertically centered
  • Fix Copy was losing hierarchy for children of the first selected item
  • Fix Item insert menu was not inserting items into the right place


  • Release New version of iOS app with the new filters, rich text notes and email composing, faster load and sync, and many bugs fixed

June 22

  • Speed Improved performance while typing in items with tags
  • Fix Tag autocomplete runs on tags in the whole File, not just visible in the pane
  • Fix Closing the introduction video was sometimes not working


  • Fix Hiding the top bar when switching to landscape while editing was sometimes not working

June 21

  • Feature Images in Google Drive can now be shown inline. Right click on a Drive file (that links to an image) and select “Show as image” to show it inline.
  • Change Dropping on a tag or contact block only replaces tag/contact if dropped from a corresponding block
  • Change Renamed “Delete Event” in item menu to “Remove from Google Calendar”

June 20

  • Feature Allow drag/dropping of Drive Folders
  • Fix Autocomplete sometimes overwriting emails/files
  • Fix Settings not being scrollable on small screens
  • Fix Errors when creating items in Calendar view synced to Google Calendar
  • Fix The “Delete” menu option on calendar items also deletes from Google Calendar

June 17


  • Fix Drag drop was sometimes not working right
  • Fix Completed filter was named incorrectly
  • Fix Loading and saving of collapsed state
  • Fix Dragging emails to drop bucket
  • Fix Items added from widget were not showing

June 16


  • Release New version of Android app with the new filters, rich text notes and email composing, faster load and sync, and many bugx fixed

June 14

  • Feature Insert link menu is better at removing links: a button to remove the link, and can clear link or text
  • Fix Search in Drive pane wasn’t working right
  • Fix Search for emails and files in other panes too
  • Fix Search highlighting was sometimes buggy when searching for multiple small words
  • Fix Links were sometimes parsing at the wrong position in the text

June 13

  • Feature Added a - button to the formatting toolbar to collapse it to a small … button. There’s also a new setting in General settings to disable it completely.
  • Feature Select full items when multiple items are selected
  • Change Improved styling of agenda: reduced some padding, right aligned day number
  • Fix Insert link edits existing links better
  • Fix Overview was not collapsible in flat search
  • Fix Old style dates like @now could make typing slow

June 6

  • Fix Sometimes notes were not displaying previews
  • Fix Shift + Enter closes note editor

June 3

  • Fix Double insert of links from insert link menu
  • Fix Prefix showing on the last line of items in add item menu
  • Fix Crash pasting images
  • Fix Background of note field in add item menu in dark theme matches other fields
  • Fix Arrow keys in outline were broken by update earlier today

June 1

  • Fix Crash dragging a file from desktop onto a pane

May 31

  • Fix Pane rendering was wonky when manually resized and then opening an email preview
  • Fix Alt or Option clicking a date removes the whole date + duration, and works correctly when it spans multiple lines
  • Fix Items with durations in the agenda are draggable

May 26

  • Change Enter on an empty prefixed item does not remove the prefix
  • Change Add an icon next to file name in sidebar
  • Change Enter on an empty prefixed item does remove the prefix (as it did previously)
  • Fix Recursive collapse is instant now
  • Fix Delete selected toast hides after the normal 5 seconds

May 25