Search is one of’s most powerful features so we’ve upgraded it to be more intuitive and to support advanced search functions for our upcoming plugins.

With the new search you can easily set a minimum priority and show or hide completed and starred items. You can toggle these filters with the same hotkeys that you use on your lists.

Searching for dates is more powerful and easier to use. Searching for a @date will match all items that fall on that date rather than just matching the text. For example, a search for @tomorrow will show items on @10/27 or @tuesday.

In Development

  • Google Calendar sync
  • Gmail integration

Editable Agenda

We wanted the Agenda to be editable from the beginning, but it hasn’t been possible to make it a good experience until the changes we made in our performance update. With that done, we are happy to announce that items in the Agenda pane are now editable!

To make editing in the Agenda pane feel good, items need to move gracefully as their dates and priorities change instead of jumping around or disappearing completely if a date is invalid. We achieve this by:

  • Delaying moving an Agenda item until a different item is selected
  • Animating the item into its new position to make it clear what is changing.

Another benefit of being able to animate items as their positions change is that it makes it clearer what is happening during search. Also it looks really cool :).

This is important for the Google Calendar plugin to work well because it will allow you to change your Google Calendar event names or dates/times right in the Agenda. We’re doing final testing of the Google Calendar plugin now, so you’ll see it soon!

In Development

  • Google Calendar sync
  • Improved Search UI
  • Gmail integration

Revision History

The most important feature of a productivity app is that it never lose your data, which is why we designed so that losing data is not even possible. keeps a full revision history of all changes so that if anything goes wrong, everything can always be recovered. We just released a new tool for browsing your revision history to get back anything you may have lost. If you ever need to get something back, you can either revert to a previous version or copy and paste what you need back into

You can find Revision History in the options menu below Export Data. If you have any trouble with this tool, please let us know. Nobody has ever lost data in and we plan to keep it that way.

Performance Upgrade

We just launched a huge performance upgrade for which dramatically reduces load time and makes interaction feel much snappier. This update improves everywhere: on the web, Chrome, iOS, and Android.

We’re serious when we say this is a huge upgrade. Check it out:

This update was an unexpected delay in our roadmap. As we got into the development of the Gmail plugin and began loading our inboxes into, we realized we could not provide a good email experience until we fixed the performance problems. was fast with a few hundred items, but as documents grew over time, was unable to keep up. It was especially noticeable with the mobile apps, which were basically unusable with large documents. Adding large email inboxes into the mix made it clear that we had to focus on performance before we could continue.

Now, is snappy even with tens of thousands of items. And now that this big change is done, we’re back to building the features you’ve been waiting for. We have a new and much stronger foundation which is better designed for our future plans, so development will move much faster now.

We did some cool things technically to make this fast, which we will detail in a future post. So we’ll end this one with the usual list of things we’re working on next.

In Development

  • Google Calendar sync
  • Gmail integration

We’ve spent the past month working on improving’s performance, based on your feedback and to get ready for the Gmail and Google Calendar integrations. We found a way to dramatically improve’s speed and load time, but the changes required ended up being larger than expected. The delay is totally worth it though, as will soon be able to handle tens of thousands of items with ease and feel much snappier overall. This update will improve our apps on all platforms: web, Chrome, iOS, and Android.

After this performance upgrade, we plan to spend some time working on some of the most requested features before starting the next big project that is the Gmail plugin.

We want to be totally transparent about what we’re working on, and we know we haven’t been as good about that as we should be. So we’re going to post updates on our blog more often about what we’re doing and what is coming. To get that started, this is an overview of how we expect to spend the next few months:

Upcoming roadmap

  • Finish the performance upgrade
  • Important and highly requested features:
    • Google Calendar sync
    • Improved search UI
    • Improved Agenda: Making it directly editable, showing context of what list an item is in, showing the children of an item
    • Notes
  • Start on Gmail plugin