Outline Upgrade

We’ve redesigned the Outline to make it easier to navigate large documents and renamed it to “Overview.” The new Overview is a companion that opens next to a pane for a top level view of your lists. As you scroll your list it highlights and tracks your position in the document. Clicking any item in the Overview will scroll to it and dragging items onto the Overview moves them to the list they are dropped on.

This is an important change for the Gmail plugin. The new Overview provides easy access to Gmail labels and allows you to quickly drag emails onto the Overview to label them and move them out of the Inbox.

More updates on the Gmail plugin coming soon!

The Gmail plugin for Moo.do is nearing public beta! Moo.do will soon be a full desktop email client. You’ll be able to use Moo.do to read, write, organize, and schedule your emails right next to your events, tasks, and files.

We have gotten a lot of great feedback from our private beta testers which has helped shape Moo.do into what we think is a great tool for working with email. We’re super excited about this and are working to get the Gmail plugin ready for you as quickly as possible. Here’s a quick preview of how email looks inside Moo.do.

More updates on the Gmail plugin coming soon!

Archived Pane

Moo.do now has a way to view and restore archived items with the new Archived Pane. Any items you’ve ever archived since Moo.do first launched will be in the Archived Pane. It works just like other panes, with the search and outline to help you find the items you’re looking for.

Search Autocomplete

Continuing with the search improvements, search autocompletes tags, dates, and contacts as you type. Tags are sorted by frequency to make the most likely choices easier to reach.


We added new hotkeys to make Moo.do more consistent with other apps and updated the Help to include the multiple hotkeys for each action. Check the Hotkeys section of the Help in Moo.do to see the full list. These are the new hotkeys on Mac (use Alt on Windows):


  • Added “Open in New Pane” option to item context menu
  • Pressing Tab or Enter in search sets focus back to the pane
  • Improved connection stability

In Development

  • Gmail Plugin

One fascinating thing we’ve learned while building Moo.do is that everybody uses it differently. Everyone considers something different to be the “killer feature” and people have very different preferences in how items should be displayed. So today we are introducing display themes to make Moo.do customizable to your individual preferences.

Display Themes

The “Outliner” theme is similar to other popular outliner apps.

The “Light” theme is more compact and minimal.


Clicking on an item’s bullet focuses that item. And as a fun bonus, tabbing and focusing are nicely animated.

Feedback please!

We would like to change the default theme to what our users like the most. We put in analytics to show us which settings are most popular, but we’d love to hear your feedback directly.

  • Which theme do you like the most?
  • Do you like headers to be bolded automatically or not?
  • Would you prefer the bullets and vertical lines be lighter or darker?

In Development

  • Gmail Plugin

Google Calendar

Today we are releasing the Google Calendar plugin into Early Access! Google Calendar is a Premium plugin and it is also available as a free trial to our Community Members (anyone who has invited 5 or more people).

We are very excited to enable access to Google Calendar from Moo.do as this seamlessly integrates Moo.do with every calendar app out there. Moo.do and Google Calendar synchronize in both directions, meaning you can manage your calendar with Moo.do as well as work with your Moo.do events from your favorite Calendar app.

This has been the most requested feature on our feature requests page and through our in-app feedback. Thank you to everyone who is helping to keep us pointed in the right direction to make everybody happier and more productive.

Let’s get into how Moo.do’s Google Calendar plugin works:

Choose your calendars

Select all of the calendars you want to sync from and the one you want to sync to.

Calendar events in the agenda

Your Google Calendar events are in your Agenda, marked by a icon. You can edit existing events and add new events in the Agenda or you can drag them onto your lists. Use the button in the search box to show or hide Calendar events.

Sync your events

Press Ctrl + C on an item with a @date and the event gets added to your calendar, with a icon to show you that it’s synced. We don’t want to fill your calendar by automatically adding every @date item, but if you want to add many events to your calendar in bulk, you can highlight multiple items and press Ctrl + C to add them all at once.

Edit events anywhere, anytime

Moo.do syncs both ways, so you can edit events in Moo.do or in your calendar and they’ll stay in sync everywhere. You can also add or modify events while offline and they will sync when you go back online.


We’ve added support for durations for Calendar events. You can add an event with a duration formatted in many different ways.

Help us improve

This is an Early Access release, meaning we want your feedback to get this feature right. Please let us know how you use your calendar with Moo.do and how we can make this integration better. We put a a feedback form in the Early Access section of the settings. Thank you!

In Development

  • Gmail Plugin