Gmail Plugin Launch

Four months ago we released the Gmail plugin into Early Access Beta. Thanks to all of your support and feedback, we are happy to announce that for Gmail is now available for free to everyone!

We originally started because we wanted to manage our email, tasks, and calendar together in one powerful organization system. Now that we have a full email client built into, we’ve finally realized our goal. This is a very exciting day for us!

Check out this longer article on Medium about why we integrated email into and how it works:

Launch announcements

Try it now

If you are not already using for Gmail, you can enable the Gmail plugin from the desktop app in the Settings menu. You can also connect multiple Gmail accounts in the Linked Accounts section.

We want to make it easy to quickly process your emails and keep track of what needs further action or response, so we have a new Priority View to sort emails by priority. Click on the new icon in the Gmail Pane to switch to the Priority View.

Our favorite way to use the Priority View is to run through emails in two phases:

  • Triage emails in the normal time view, marking important emails with a priority or star.
  • Switch to Priority View and start at the top, handling emails in priority order.

We’re excited to hear how you use the Priority View and how we can make it better for you.

Rearrange panes

We’ve recently been mainly focused on fixing bugs, so everything should be feeling smoother and faster, especially on iOS and Android. We also have a fun new feature today: rearrangeable panes.

If you have multiple Gmail accounts for personal and work emails you can now link them together in In the ‘Linked Accounts’ page of the Settings just enter the email address of the account you want to link.

Right now linked accounts only have access to Gmail. In the future we plan to expand this so you can access documents, and calendars across accounts.

This update also includes a lot of bug fixes, expecially for iOS and Android. If you see anything that looks broken or doesn’t work quite right, please send us an email at [email protected]!

Email Attachments is now a fully functional email client! Today’s release brings many bugfixes along with two major email features. You can attach files to an email by dragging a file onto an email from a Google Drive pane or from your computer.

The new Snooze menu makes it easy to quickly select a time, or you can type any date you want.

In Development

  • Gmail
    • Unsubscribe button
    • Multiple accounts