The new backend is ready! It’s been a long time coming and we’re very excited about the improved performance, new features, and future possibilities it opens up. If you have any issues with the new version or any suggestions to improve it, please join our beta community or email support.

The old backend will stop syncing on December 11. You can still access it at to copy your data out of it, but it won’t sync with your collaborators or other devices anymore.

Get into it

Please make sure to click the Import from button on the Welcome screen to copy your Premium account information, documents, and settings over.

The Major Changes

Storage and sync

Documents are now stored and synced with Firebase instead of your Drive account. When you load the page it now only gets new changes since the last sync, so the initial sync on load will be much faster. Our beta testers have reported that the connection is much more stable than before. And there’s no longer a maximum document size.

Multiple documents

Each pane can now contain its own document. The pane sidebar that was the overview is now doing double duty as a document selector. Click the at the top left of a pane to choose the document for that pane, and click the outline icon on the document to open its overview.


Dates are now stored separately from the text so that we can add more date features without cluttering the text. The key for adding dates to items is now ! so that @ can be used for a future assigning tasks feature. Adding dates now opens a popup where you can select a date on a calendar or type the date in text. This new system will let us add more date features in the future.


All items are encrypted client-side before sending them to the database, and you can add an additional layer of security by using your own encryption password. You will be prompted to (optionally) set a password during the introduction.

Plugin authorization

We totally rewrote the way we authenticate plugins which should fix any sync issues you might have seen before.


We have a totally new sharing system, so you will need to re-share any documents you had shared in the old system. Shared documents can now be encrypted individually for extra security. Right click on a document and select Share from the menu share it.

Known issues

  • Enabling plugins with multiple accounts causes reauthorize messages for each account, but after reauthorizing everything works
  • Undo/redo may be slightly buggy

Next up

There’s still a few features missing in the new version that we will add within the next couple of weeks such as email snoozing. And we will be focusing on fixing bugs and making sure that this new version is very stable. Then the next project is to finish the new mobile apps.

Talk to us

If you want to get involved in shaping’s direction, please join our active beta community, or just email us.