• We released an update with improvements to the design of our web and Chrome apps to reduce distraction so you can focus on your content.

    Take a look at these before and after screenshots:




    • The options and documents previously available in the sidebar are now accessible from the documents menu in the top left and the options gear in the top right.
    • The search bar at the top of panes has been toned down and integrated into the pane to help show the connection between search and your content.
    • Adding panes is now accessible through the + icon in the top right. This is the first step towards adding additional types of panes in the future.
    • Reduced visual distraction from the top-bar by removing the background color.
  • Notable Updates

    • iOS background fetch to keep your iPhone/iPad up to date
    • Autocomplete for tags
    • Keyboard shortcuts changed/updated and listed through the Help menu
    • Significant performance and loading speed enhancements

    Bugs fixed

    • Date parsing errors

    Upcoming Changes

    • Design update for Web and Chrome apps
  • We've added support for repeated dates!

    You can add a repeating date to an item by starting the date entry with @every. We're quite excited to add this feature as it makes our Agenda significantly more powerful. We hope you find this useful - let us know if you have any suggestions or if we're missing any types of dates you need.

    Using Repeated Dates

    Define a basic repeating date using a day of the week or a measure of time.

    • @every friday
    • @every day 3:00pm
    • @every 3 days

    By default the start of the repeat date is the current time. Use from to set a different start date.

    • @every friday from last wednesday
    • @every tuesday from 11/22

    By default there is no end date specified. Use until to set an end date.

    • @every friday until december

    Create more complex repeating dates that refer to a specific day of the month.

    • @every 14th
    • @every last day
    • @every dec 10th

    Specify dates that skip weeks or only refer to specific weeks in a month.

    • @every other friday
    • @every 3rd friday

    Each time you complete the item with the repeated date it will create a new item with the date of the completed instance.

    • Stay organized @11/19
    • Stay organized @every day from 11/20

    Other Date Fixes

    • Dates like @next friday 3pm are parsed correctly.
  • Today's update includes a big improvement to the way you complete and collapse items.

    Notable Updates

    • Completing and Collapsing: Complete an item by tapping on its right edge. Collapse a list by tapping on its left edge. On a computer, you'll see the buttons to collapse and complete as you move your mouse over items.
    • Automatic Login: When visiting https://moo.do you will be automatically redirected to the app without clicking the Login button. If you want to switch accounts, use the Logout feature from the sidebar in the app.
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
      • Mac: In the web app, shortcuts consistently use Ctrl. The Chrome app supports both Ctrl and Cmd shortcuts.
      • Windows: In the web app, shortcuts consistently use Alt. The Chrome app supports both Ctrl and Alt shortcuts.

    Bugs Fixed

    • Phone: Landscape mode works better
    • Phone: Drag/drop is faster and more reliable
    • Chrome App: Importing your data works consistently


    • Recurring dates (e.g. @every friday 3pm)
    • iPhone 6 optimization
    • iOS background fetch to keep your iPhone/iPad up to date
    • List of Keyboard Shortcuts in Help
  • Bugs fixed

    • iOS and Chrome: Calling and emailing contacts is more reliable
    • Chrome: Notifications work again
    • Firefox: Search selection problems
    • Firefox: Pasting was broken in some cases


    • Login screen matches the rest of our style


    • We have an RSS feed now
    • You can now comment on our blog posts